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what we’re great at

Leadership Development & Talent Assessment

Levelling-up Performance of Leaders and their teams (Group-Based Development)

With expertise in Instructional Design, we work closely with our clients to understand your specific needs, and develop learning modules that use the latest research, are engaging and bring about an increase in knowledge, drive change attitudes and behaviours, which when implemented lead to a level up in performance of leaders and their teams. 

Make Learning Engaging (Instructional Design)

A great facilitator needs to know their subject but also have strong emotional quotient to be able to keep the participants engaged, to meet them at their point of need and to motivate them towards implementation. Feedback from all our clients show that our facilitators are all received exceedingly well by participants across all levels. 

Resolving Individual Leadership Challenges (Executive Coaching)

It’s easy to get a coaching certification these days, however, it’s not easy to get a good coach! At MDN Fusion our coaches have the required certificates, but more important the required skills to journey with your leadership team, providing them with the individual, tailored support they need at that moment to become better leaders. 

Preparing People for Growth (Talent Assessment)

With accreditation to administer multiple psychometric tools we select the one that is most relevant to your business objectives.


We are a global leadership development and assessment consultancy with a passion for developing people to their full potential. We work with organisations, who share this desire, offering development solutions that enable people to build the right mindsets and skills to be enduringly successful in the global marketplace.

MDN Fusion started in the UK in 1993.  Having been successfully operating in the European market for a number of years, in the late 2000s we decided to expand our operations into India. MDN Fusion India was born in January 2009 and through our office in New Delhi, we support many organisations in the rapidly developing Indian economy

We have a strong desire to build long term relationships with our clients, valuing the opportunity to serve them as they build their organisations. They consistently comment that our development interventions have a strong impact in their organisations, providing significant long-term benefit.



why do we exist?

MDN Fusion is passionate about people – their potential and performance.

This is about both helping individuals and teams grow into their potential and level up in their performance, but also in the fact that we have a commitment to give 8% of our topline profits to children’s charities here in India. We want even those less-fortunate to be able to grow into their potential


Trusted By Clients.

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what makes us stand out

Our facilitators are experts in their fields, each with over 15 years of experience

Our designers and facilitators are experts in their fields, both as academics and practitioners. In a global economy, they all have experience of working across cultures – familiar with western systems and eastern  warmth. They are able to bring you the best of both worlds and their expertise to bring you a richer, holistic experience.

what we offer

Niche Modules

At MDN Fusion, we love being able to take an unusual need from clients and develop or tailor material to specifically meet that need. As a result, we have developed some modules that you will struggle to find from other providers. Some examples are: Neuroscience in the Workplace, Mindfulness for Managers, Growth Mindset. 


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